Darul Qadha

Introduction to Darul-Qadha Services

Darul-Qadha serves as a cornerstone for the Muslim community, offering a comprehensive range of counseling and arbitration services that are deeply embedded in Islamic principles. Our mission is to provide guidance and resolutions that not only adhere to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah but also cater to the needs and challenges faced by individuals and families today.

Counseling Areas


Navigating the complexities of Islamic inheritance laws can be challenging. Our team offers expert advice and clarification to ensure that distribution is carried out fairly and in strict accordance with Shariah principles.


We provide guidance for resolving business disputes and offer advice on conducting transactions in a manner that is ethical and compliant with Islamic law.


Family is the bedrock of society, and we offer counseling to address a wide range of family-related issues, ensuring that relationships are maintained and strengthened according to Islamic values.

Special Focus on Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a cherished institution in Islam, viewed as a significant blessing from Allah. Recognizing its importance, we place a special emphasis on marriage counseling to help couples understand and fulfill each other’s rights, fostering a harmonious and joyful union. Our experienced Ulama-e-Kiram team advises on resolving conflicts and nurturing strong, loving relationships, all within the framework of the Quran & Sunnah. This counseling is conducted with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Couples seeking guidance can reach out at ms@shariahboard.org.

Darul-Qadha Services

Our Darul-Ifta division encompasses a broad range of Islamic jurisprudential areas, addressing the multifaceted aspects of a believer’s life through the lens of Shariah. Here is an in-depth look at the services and expertise we offer:

Solemnization of Nikah (Marriage)

We facilitate the solemnization of Nikah, ensuring that marriages are performed in accordance with Islamic traditions and legal requirements.

Conflict Resolution and Business Disputes

Our services extend to resolving conflicts, including those related to business partnerships, through mediation and arbitration based on Shariah principles.

Shara’ee Arbitration and Counseling for Family Matters

We specialize in providing arbitration and counseling for various family matters, including but not limited to marriage, parenting, Talaaq (Divorce), Khula’, and Faskhun-Nikaah (Separation). Our approach is to resolve disputes amicably, encouraging forgiveness and rekindling brotherhood, mutual love, and affection between parties.

Our Approach to Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution process is grounded in fairness, transparency, and the teachings of the Quran & Sunnah. We strive to not just settle disputes but to restore and enhance relationships, building trust and confidence within the Muslim Ummah. Our efforts have, Alhumdulillah, been successful in fostering a sense of community and brotherhood, making Darul-Qadha a trusted source of Islamic arbitration and counseling.

Our Commitment to You

At Darul-Qadha, we are committed to serving the Muslim community by providing essential counseling and arbitration services that uphold Islamic values. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to support individuals and families in leading lives that are harmonious, fulfilling, and in line with the teachings of Islam.

Seek Guidance and Resolution with Islamic Integrity

Darul-Qadha is your partner in seeking harmonious resolutions and guidance, deeply rooted in the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Whether it’s matters of inheritance, business ethics, family, or marriage, our dedicated Ulama-e-Kiram are here to offer you confidential and compassionate counsel. Connect with us at ms@shariahboard.org for support that aligns with Islamic values and empowers you and your loved ones towards a fulfilling life.

Urgent Inquiries

If you require an immediate response (within 7 days), we recommend contacting us by phone. Be aware that calls will not be answered during prayer times, breaks, after hours, or on holidays. For prompt service, please reach out Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Marriage Counseling Inquiries

For questions related to marriage counseling, including issues such as khula’, please direct your emails to ms@rahmatealam.org