Sunday | 29 March 2020 | 4 Shabaan 1441
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Darululoom Chicago Admissions 2019

Admissions in Darululoom Chicago are now open:

  • Golden opportunity for the students to get benefited from the stature, experience and pious company of some of the most learned ulamah kiram
  • Weekdays classes for Hifz and 'Alimiyat are available for both male and female students
  • Weekend classes for 'Alimiyat are available for only female students
  • Boarding is only available for male students over 18 years of age for Dawra-Hadith only
  • The timings for both weekdays and weekend are from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Admission process will be finalized during the second week of Shawwal and students who have shown interest will be contacted accordingly InshahAllah
  • Summer classes are only for the month of July and August
  • For further information regarding general or summer classes and initiating the admission process, please click here or email us at