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As salamu alaikum 

My husband who lives in Pakistan filed the divorce on October 31, 2019. He sent me a copy on WhatsApp. I received the original Feb 7th in the mail. It is a legitimate document with stamps and signatures as well as witnesses. It stated that He has no objections if I remarry after my three month waiting period . I married someone else on February 4 in 2020. Then sometime in March I received a second divorce from him , same legal paper with witnesses stamps and everything, dated December 3rd. I'm confused about this. Was I not eligible to get married again after the first pronunciation of divorce? Further he never pronounced a divorce to me verbally and never typed the wordsFurther he never pronounced a divorce to me verbally and never typed the words, I divorce you , or you are divorced. I thought it was safe to assume that the official filing with the union counsel was officially a divorce. Aside from the painful experience I've had throughout this whole ordealAside from the painful experience I've had throughout this whole ordeal his second wife has contacted me recently, his second wife has contacted me. Seeing them together and pictures has caused me a great deal of pain. I told her I would be best if we did not speak and just try to forget. I begin to wonder why she would contact me. I thought maybe he speaks of me and I begin to hope maybe he wants me back. I am OK with him having two wives. I have never received the third divorce in the mail and I asked her about it. She just said it was in the mail and he's very busy. Even if he doesn't ever mail it. Am I officially divorced? And also I am not happy with my third And also I am not happy with my new husband. We have a long distance relationship with the hopes to unite in Europe at some point. He was very loving and attentive before the marriage and has now become depressed and doesn't speak to me much. He also has another wife. He has not told his friends and family that we are married. He says it's because of His financial situation. At the time I accepted it and hoped it would change. But even with me trying to help we don't seem to have much of a relationship anymore. It was exciting and new in the beginning and then we met. He did not spend the full two weeks with me which was very disappointing for me. Don't I deserve better? He said if I ask him to divorce he would not make an issue. Am I wrong by wanting to divorce him? I'm still so much in love with my ex husband, but mostly because I'm not getting the attention from my new husband. What should I do?


الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

After the divorce from your first husband, if your second marriage was consummated after the completion of your three monthly periods, and if during this time, your husband had not approached you for reconciliation, then your second marriage was valid, and there was no need to wait for three divorces.

As for the issues arising within your second marriage, we suggest not to haste in breaking it up. Sit down with your second husband to arrive at an amicable settlement, but if things don’t resolve harmoniously, reach out to a local “Dar ul Qaza” for a comprehensive solution.

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