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ZAKAT for Loan given to brother and payments to be made in future.


Respected Maulana Sahab,

I have two questions regarding Zakat,

  1. I have given a loan to my brother a few years ago and paying zakat for that amount every year. I want to know is it compulsory to pay zakat for the loan given to someone and what if the zakat amount is reaching a good value of the loan value as I am paying every year and brother takes time to pay back the loan to me.
  2. My second question: I have planned to purchase land 3 months ago and was in discussion with seller and the deal was finalized already before Ramadan but till today I have paid only 10% of the total amount. the remaining amount is available with me but due to the present situation of lockdown, I am unable to send him the remaining amount. Could you please let me know if zakat needs to be taken for this amount also.

Jazakallah Khair for your time and effort to guide the Ummah.

May Allah SWT bless the team of Shariahboard with his abundant blessings. Ameen

:الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

1. Zakat becomes “wajib” (obligatory) on money you have loaned to your brother. However, payment of zakat is necessary to make upon receipt of the loaned amount.

Since return of loan by the borrower in one single lumpsum payment is generally not as easy, therefore your method of paying zakat on yearly basis is a better option.

2. Payment of zakat on this loaned amount will remain “wajib” as long as you remain a “saheb-e-Nisab”. When your total wealth reduces below the “nisab”, zakat will not be “wajib” on you. 

3a. Your land deal was concluded and you had acquired possession of the land before elapse of one year on your wealth (zakat eligibility condition) and after subtracting the due amount from your current wealth, if you still retain your status of a “saheb-e-Nisab” then zakat will be “wajib” on you, otherwise not.

3b. However, if your land deal was concluded and the possession of land acquired after the elapse of one year, then zakat will be due on your entire wealth.  

 وزکوۃ الدین علی اقسام فانہ قوی ووسط وضعیف فالقوی وہوبدل القرض ومال التجارۃ اذا قبضہ وکان علی مقرولومفلسااوعلی جاحدعلیہ بینۃ زکاۃ لمامضی ویتراخی وجوب الاداء الی ان یقبض اربعین درہماففیہا درہم ‘‘ ( حاشیۃ الطحطاوی علی المراقی : ۷۱۵ 

 فتجب زکاتہااذاتم نصاباوحال الحول لکن لافورابل عندقبض اربعین درہمامن الدین القوی کقرض وبدل مال تجارۃ فکلماقبض اربعین درہمایلزم درہم اھ ‘‘ … ( الدرمع الرد : ۲ ؍ ۳۸ 

 ومنہاالفراغ عن الدین ) قال اصحابناؒ کل دین لہ مطالب من جہۃ العبادیمنع وجوب الزکاۃ سواء کان الدین للعبادکالقرض وثمن البیع وضمان المتلفات وارش الجراحۃو سواء کان الدین من النقوداوالمکیل اوالموزون اوالثیاب اوالحیوان وجب بخلع اوصلح عن دم عمدوہوحال اومؤجل اوللہ تعالیٰ کدین الزکاۃ فان کان زکاۃ سائمۃ یمنع وجوب الزکاۃ بلاخلاف بین اصحابناؒ سواء کان ذلک فی العین بان کان العین قائمااوفی الذمۃ باستھلاک النصاب وان کان زکاۃ الاثمان وزکاۃ عروض التجارۃ ففیہاخلاف بین اصحابنافعندابی حنیفۃ ومحمدرحمہمااللہ تعالیٰ الجواب فیہ کالجواب فی السوائم ‘‘ … ( الہندیۃ : ۱ ؍ ۱۷۲ 

إذا أمسکہ لینفق منہ کل ما یحتاجہ فحال الحول وقد بقی معہ منہ نصاب فإنہ یزکی ذلک الباقی ، وإن کان قصدہ الإنفاق منہ أیضاً فی المستقبل ۔ (شامی، کتاب الزکاۃ ، مطلب فی زکاۃ ثمن المبیع ،۲۶۲/۲

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب