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Continue Fasting if one wakes up late

Assalam alaikum,

I have always heard that one MUST continue fasting even if the Suhoor or Fajr prayer is missed or whenver one wakes up. I closely follow your website and fatwas that is why I want to validte this from your perspective. If one wakes up late and starts the fast, should neeyat be said verbally?

Jazakallah Khairan.

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

  1. “Niyyat” is actually the intention of the heart. It is therefore sufficient to have the intention in your heart, and is not necessary to verbally pronounce it.
  2. Since the next day does not begin at the time of “sehri”, it is obvious that you are fasting for the next day, so your “niyyat” is correct.
  3. The best time of making “niyyat” is before dawn, the “subh sadiq” 

(ہندیہ:1/ 196)

But if the “niyyat” is not done at that time, it is important to do it before mid-day. The time of mid-day is calculated by dividing into two the number of hours between dawn “subh sadiq” and the sunset.

It must be clear that “niyyat” is intention of the heart, and it is not necessary to pronounce it verbally.

Therefore, if the intention to fast the next day was made in your heart, but wasn’t  pronounced verbally, the fast will be valid.

  1. The words of “niyyat” mentioned in your message are correct. If you are making “niyyat” during the day, you will say; “I am fasting for today”.

Even if the words become swapped, the fast will still be fine because the intention in the heart was to fast for that day.  

لمافی الشامیۃ(۳۷۷ /۲):(قولہ الی الضحوۃ الکبری)المرادبھا نصف النھارالشرعی والنھار الشرعی من  استطارۃ الضوء فی أفق المشرق الی غروب الشمس والغایۃ غیرداخلۃ فی المغیا کما اشارالیہ المصنف بقولہ لاعندھا ح؛وعدل عن تعبیرالقدوری والمجمع وغیرھمابالزوال لضعفہ لان الزوال نصف النھارمن طلوع الشمس ووقت الصوم من طلوع الفجرکمافی البحرعن المبسوط قال فی الھدایۃ وفی الجامع الصغیرقبل نصف النھاروھو الأصح لانہ لابدمن وجودالنیۃ فی أکثر النھارونصفہ من وقت طلوع الفجرالی وقت ضحوۃ الکبری لاوقت الزوال فتشترط النیۃ قبلھا لتحقق فی الأکثر۔

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب 

Question ID: 1084 Category: Worship