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Separation from parents after marriage

Assalamu alaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatahu, 

Myself zubair dastageer got married 9 months before. There has been some mis understandings between my parents,family and my wife. Resulting which my wife is requesting me to get separate from parents as  joint family and start living seperately. I want to know what rights my wife has and if she is not at all ready to move in with my family what should be i do next...

Please let me know  at earliest....

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

A wife’s demand for a separate house is legitimate and the husband is obliged to arrange a separate residence for her.

تجب السکنی لہا علیہ في بیت خالٍ عن أہلہ وأہلہا إلا أن تختار ذلک․ امرأة أبت أن تسکن مع ضرتھا اور مع أحمائہا کأمہ وغیرہا فإن کان في الدار بیوت وفرغ لھا بیتًا وجعل لبیتھا غلقًا علی حدة، لیس لہا أن تطلب من الزوج بیتًا آخر (ہندیة:۱ /۵۵۶)

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب