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As salám alay kum, mufti saheb

I live in saudi arabia, I have ordered online a smart watch and there was an offer of free Bluetooth headphones with the smart watch which came as a defective product was not working when I complained they apologized and gave me reimbursement of 100 Riyal as per customer service gesture, after 2 months I checked on internet about the problem of the head phones and tried updating the software of the Bluetooth headphones which fixed the issue now my question is the 100 riyal which I received is legal for me to keep it or use it, the headphones were not working when I received but later after updating the software and the settings it started working. 

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق 

Since the company has on its own offered you the refund, it is rightful for you to utilize it.

However, since the defect has now been rectified, the company has the right to ask for return of that money if they so desire.

من اشتری عبدا صغیرا فوجدہ یبول فی الفراش ،وتعیب عندہ بعیب آخر کان لہ ان یرجع بنقصان العیب ،فلو رجع بنقصان العیب ،ثم کبر للبائع،ان یسترد ما اعطیٰ ثمن النقصان لزوال العیب بالبلوغ۔(مجمع الانہر: ۲ /۴۲

فلمن وجد فی مشریہ عیبا ردہ،او اخذہ بکل ثمنہ لا امساکہ ونقص ثمنہ ای لا یخیر بین امساکہ وبین اخذ نقصان الثمن لان الاوصاف الا یقابلھا شیئ من الاثمان الا برضی البائع ای بامساک المشتری المبیع المعیب ونقص ثمنہ ۔۔۔۔وکل ما اوجب نقصان الثمن عند التجار فہو عیب ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔لان التضرر بنقصان المالیۃ ،ونقصان المالیۃ بانتقاص القیمۃ والمرجع فی معرفتہ عرف اہلہ ۔(مجمع الانہر ۴۰/۲ و ۴۱

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب


Question ID: 1099 Category: Dealings and Transactions