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I am a Sunni Girl wanting to marry a Shia Boy


I am a Sunni girl wanting to marry a Shia Boy but my father who is my Wali is completely against it. He and I want my father's permission and blessing to move forward. My to be Fiance believes in a very simple form of Shiaism and that is to love the Prophet and his family and to recognize the Imams but never put the Imams before our beloved Prophet. That is all he is not contradicting any Sunni belief. Is it still permissible? 

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

A person whose beliefs are “kufriyah” (blasphemous), and who believes in:

  1. Hazrat Aysha’s (RA) “ifak”, the lie about her.
  2. Hazrat Ali’s (RA) divinity.
  3. Hazrat Jibrael’s (AS) mistake regarding divine revelation.
  4. Distortion in Qur’an.

Based on the above erroneous beliefs, the learned scholars have adjudged those beliefs as causes of “kufr” (disbelief) and reason for apostasy.

They have stated that a “sunni” woman’s “nikah” with a person having such distorted beliefs is illegal and does not take effect.

However, an equanimous person with moderate temperament and without having distorted  beliefs can marry a “sunni” woman.

But be mindful that such a marriage is not without issues for yourself and your children in their upbringing and efforts in maintaining their true Islamic identity.

Accordingly, it is preferable to refrain from this marriage.

Honor your parents’ point of view, which will result in your wellbeing and prosperity. May Allah (SWT) guide and bless you. Aameen

وبہذا ظہر أن الرافضي إن کان ممن یعتقد الألوہیۃ في علي، أوأن جبرئیل غلط في الوحي، أو کان ینکر صحبۃ الصدیق، أویقذف السیدۃ الصدیقۃ، فہو کافر لمخالفتہ القواطع المعلومۃ من الدین بالضرورۃ بخلاف ما إذاکان یفضل علیاً ویسب الصحابۃ، فإنہ مبتدع لاکافر۔ (شامي، کتاب النکاح، فصل في المحرمات، کراچي ۳ /۴۶، زکریا ۴ /۱۳۵

ولایجوز للمرتد أن یتزوج مرتدۃ ولامسلمۃ، ولاکافرۃ أصلیۃ، وکذا لایجوز نکاح المرتد مع أحد۔ (ہندیۃ،۱ /۲۸۲

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب