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Question ID: 1161 Category: Worship
Qiblah Direction

In California, all Masjid's have a Qiblah direction of Northeast 23°. There's one Masjid, where they're stating that the Northeast Qiblah direction is incorrect, therefore, they changed the Qiblah direction to East. Due to this change, is it permissible to pray Namaaz? It would be incredibly helpful if a detailed answer was provided. Please explain how the Qiblah direction of Northeast 23° was achieved and why the East Qiblah direction is incorrect. We are having issues at the Masjic. Thank you for your time. Jazakallah. 

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

We recommend you raise this issue with your local ulamaa of knowledge for guidance.