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Question ID: 1219 Category: Marriage and Divorce
Marriage Dissolution

Dear Respected Mufi Sahib,

I recently havr gotten divorce from my wife. Can you provide a description of what are the things according to the sharia the is owed to her. I am giving all of the income she had earned during the marriage. Can you provide information on everything per the sharia that should be given to a wife upon divorce. Jazakallah khair. May Allah give you emmencw blessings for your hard work in educating the ummah with your knowledge. 


بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق 

According to shari'ah, a wife does not have the right to divorce, nor does her divorce to her husband result in divorce. So, you don't have to give her anything,

Therefore, you will remain in each other's marriage until you yourself divorce her, or she takes “khula”, or the marriage is annulled.

However, if the divorce of the wife is from a judicial point of view, then write down the details and ask the question again.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب