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Question ID: 1261 Category: Marriage and Divorce
Talaaq Raji


1. If a person what to give written permission to his wife to divorce herself (one Talaaq Raji),  what should the husband write (what is the correct and exact text should be)?

2. If a person wants to give one Talaaq Raji to his wife in writing, what should the husband write (what is the correct and exact text should be)?

Make Dua that ALLAH brings both husband and wife hearts in peace and let us do the right decision.

Jazakallah Khair.

P.S.  If answers can be given in Urdu as well.

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

In the case of assignment of divorce, the husband writes this condition down at the time of Nikah, before Nikah, after the Nikah has taken place or let it be written by him; that the woman (his wife) will have the right to file a single revocable divorce, or a single (1) irrevocable divorce on herself.

 (ایک طلاق رجعی، یا ایک طلاق بائن) 

This assignment of divorce can either be conditional or unconditional. Therefore, the text of this assignment will be as follows:

“I am -------- son of -------, resident of “city” ------ and “country” ------. My Nikah has taken place with Miss ------, daughter of --------, 

resident of “city” ------, and “country” ------, according to the following conditions and with the declared amount of -------- as Dower. Therefore, I hereby state and document through my clear conscious and without any duress or coercion that I will abide by the stated conditions.

In case of non-compliance with the conditions or by disagreement between the two of us, the said person (Miss so and so) will have the right of one revocable divorce”

Then you sign and have at least two (2) witnesses to also sign this document as evidence which comes in handy when needed.

قال لھا: طلقی نفسک ولم ینو أونوی واحدۃ أو ثنیتن فی الحرۃ فطلقت ای واحدۃ اوثنتین اوثلاثا وکل مع عدم النبیۃ اصلا او مع نیۃ الواحدۃ او الثنیتن ..... فھی تسعۃ والواقع فیھا طلقۃ رجعۃ (رد المحتار، فصل فی المشیئۃ :۴؍ ۴۳۳)

ومن قال لا مراتہ: طلقی نفسک ولا نیۃ لہ أونوی واحدۃ فقالت طلقت نفسی فھی واحدۃ رجعیۃ وان طلقت نفسھا ثلاثا وقدارا دالزوج ذلک وقعنی علیھا۔ (فتح القدیر، باب تفویض 

الطلاق ،م، زکریا دیوبند: ۴؍ ۷۶) (الحیلۃ الناجزۃ :۴۰ تا ۵۱)

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب

Question ID: 1261 Category: Marriage and Divorce