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Question ID: 1448 Category: Zabiha and Hunting

Is "Delta Valley Halal Chicken" hand slaughtered halal zabiha? They are selling everywhere halal chicken breast nuggets and other products, i tried to find their web site or their company information online, but I could not find any company information i.e. company address or phone number.  

Please give me that answer to save a lot of Muslim families who are using this product.


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

As per our knowledge as of today 12/10/21, Delta Valley Chicken is not hand slaughtered. 

For an updated list of Shariah Board Certified hand slaughtered halal options, you can always take a look at the list of certified and monitored businesses across different states, from this link by navigating between Restaurants, Retailers, Processors etc. tabs and selecting a state name from the State dropdown. 

Also, currently Crescent Foods further processed products including Breaded Chicken Nuggets, Breaded Breast Chunks and Breaded Chicken Tenders are certified and monitored by the Halal Monitoring Services of Shariah Board of America.