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Writing Experience on Resume When One Doesn’t have the Experience

One of my friend decided to go to the 6 week IT QA classes and I'm thinking of joining that 6 week classes.  in that 6 week classes first 4 week they teach studnet about the quality testing procedure and train them for that specific testing job after 4 week they take 2 week mantoring classes In that classes they build students  resume and determine how much understanding studnet has of the first 4 week of classes and after determining the understanding and knowledge  they decide how much exprience on studnet resume should we put.but the question is that they show that exprience on resume where student never work before students have only  have knowledge and understanding of that job because they trained and teach studnet for  4 weeks..so is it considered lie if they show exprience on resume where studnet never worked before and if student find a job and whatever rizk  he will earn considered Haram ?

الجواب وبالله التوفيق      

It’s Haram to get a job by telling a lie and a person doing such an action deserves all those warnings which are narrated for telling lies.

There is detail in regards to the income earned from the job achieved through lying:

If the employee actually deserves the job and fulfills the responsibilities in an appropriate manner then it is Halal and if he doesn’t deserve the job or doesn’t fulfill the responsibilities of the job in an appropriate manner then it is Haram.

  قال تعالٰی، لعنة اللہ علی الکاذبین (اٰل عمران الآیة ۶۱)

والاجریلزم بالعقد فلا یجب تسلیمہ بل بتعجیلہ و شرطہ فی الاجارة أوالاستیفاء أو تمکنہ منہ  (الدرمع الرد کتاب الاجارة ۹/۱۳)

واللہ اعلم بالصواب