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Question ID: 648 Category: Dealings and Transactions
Distribution of Inheritance

I have two properties that were bought from my mother’s income. My father and mother has passed away and now the properties are under my Aunt (my mother older sister) and uncle’s name (my mother brother).  My mother has 2 sisters. My father did not have any possessions after he passed away.  Both of the properties are paid off and one of them is sold and the money is received for it. Currently, my aunt is holding the money. The other property we are collecting rent on it. 

I need a sharia ruling on how to distribute the money for the two properties

الجواب وبالله التوفيق      


As per the situation described in your question, after taking care of

حقوق متقدمہ علی الارث(the payment of the expenses of the shroud and the burial, payment of any debt, and enforcement of the will), the leftover wealth will be divided into four parts out of which two parts will be yours and one each will be your two sisters’. Your maternal Uncle and maternal Auntie will not get anything from the property of your mother. Having the property in their name, they don’t become the owner of the property.

واللہاعلم  بالصواب