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Use of Camel Milk Mixed with its Urine for Shifaa

Dear brothers Respected Muftis kiram,

I have heard Muslim brothers say that there is a Hadith of Rasool (sas) that Camel's Milk mixed (equal quantity) with its urine is shifa'a for Cancer decease. 
I can not rely unless Authentic Hadith is quoted and that too by prestigious Muslim Organization like yours, masha'aAllah.
Therefore, I humbly request you to respond together with quotation of Authentic Hadith engulfing reference/s of number/s & source. Thank you in advance.
Jazakum Allahu khairan.



الجواب وبالله التوفيق      


Imam Bukhari R.A. has written under the باب الدواء با بوال الابل(Chapter of Medicine for treatment with the Urine of Camel), in Hadith # 5686:

 فامرھم النبی صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم ان یلحقوا براعیہ، یعنی الابل، فشربوا من البانھا و ابوالھا فلحقوا براعیہفشربوا من البانھا وابوالھا حتی' صلحت ابدانھم فقتلوا الراعی و ساقوا الابل فبلغ النبی صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم فبعث فی طلبھم فجیء بھم فقطع ایدیھم و ارجلھم و سمرا اعینھم ۔۔ (االموسوعة الحدیث الشریف ص۔۔487 بخاری)


Imam Muslim R.A. has written in:


(کتاب القسامة باب حکم المحاربین و المرتدین (ص--972، حدیث 4353، مسلم ۔ الموسوعة الحدیث الشریف

(ترمذی شریف باب ما جاء فی ترب ابوال الابل (ص--1856 حدیث 2042، مسلم ۔ الموسوعة الحدیث الشریف      


This issue is ofتداوی بالحرامmeaning whether it’s permissible to have the treatment done with the حرامthings or not. There is difference of opinion among the Imams in this matter whether the urine of the camels is pure or impure. Many a Jurists are of the opinion of it being pure but Imam Abu Hanifah R.A. says that the urine of the camels is impure but he mentions that it came to be known to Nabi SAW via وحیthatthe treatment of the disease of their stomach could only be done with the urine of the camels, therefore, he ordered them to drink the urine and the milk of the camels.

However, the Ulama e Kiram say that it is not correct to have the treatment done with the حرامthings because it is in the Hadith that Nabi SAW said that Allaah Ta’alaa has not kept شفاء(cure) for you in the حرامthings except in the condition of مجبوری و اضطرار(that no other means are present and that there would be harm to the person if he is not treated), the Jurists have written it to be permissible with some conditions:


  1. That some religious (one who himself is practicing Deen) expert Muslim Doctor or Hakeem says that there are no permissible means to treat this patient.
  2. There is غالب گمان(precedent possibility) that using the حرامthings the disease will be cured otherwise if using the حرامthings there is no possibility of the disease to be cured then it’s not permissible to use the حرام

(بحوز للعلیل شرب البول و الدم و اکل المیتۃ للتدوای اذا اخبرطبیب مسلم ان شفاءہ فیہ و لم یجد من المباح ما یقوم مقامہ (فتاوی' قاسمیہ ص۔۔2370،316 بحوالہ فتاو'ی ھندیہ


واللہاعلم بالصواب