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Online Bayan by Female/Women


An Alimah with Zainab Center has bayans posted online.  Is this permissible for women?  I thought there was purda of their voice. 
Also is it ok to send girls to madrasa with full time boarding? 

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

Hazrat Mufti Shafi Sahib Rahmatullah Alehstates in Muariful-QuranVol.6, Pg. 406, is a woman’s voice in itself considered as part of satr(objects which need to be covered), and if it is permissible or impermissible for namehram(strangers) to listen to her voice?


In this issue there is disagreement among aimma kiram. As per Imam Shaf‘aiRahmatullah Aleh’s books a woman’s voice is not considered as part of satr. In case of Hanafi Ulamah different rulings exist as well.  Ibn-e-HamamRahmatullah Aleh has considered it as part of a woman’s satr, based on the narration from Nawazil. That is the reason why according toHanafi Ulamaha woman’s athan is considered makrooh(disliked). However it has been proven through ahadith of Rasulullah Sallallaho Alyhi Wasallamthat the Azwaj-e-Mutahhrat(the pious wives of Rasulullah Sallallaho Alyhi Wasallam) used to speak to namehrams from behind the curtain (i.e. in purdah) even after the commandments for hijab had been revealed. From this overview, the preferred and correct view is understood that based on the time, place and suitability of the situation if there is a fear of fitnah then hearing a woman’s voice will become impermissible. Otherwise it will be considered permissible (حصاص). The caution lies in the women not speaking to namehrams even from behind the curtain (i.e. in purdah) without a legitimate need. (معارف القرآن)


Therefore, even if we consider the ruling that the woman’s voice is not part of satr, but there is eminent fear of fitnah, then she will be stopped from making her voice public. Since the current era is full of corruptions and mischief, broadcasting a woman’s voice through a website will not be considered as free of fitnah.

Hazrat Mawlana Zafar Ahmed Thanvi Sahib Rahmatullah Alehhas stated in Ehkamul-Quran:


حکم صوت المرأۃ: وقع  الخلاف فی صوت المرأۃ، انہ من العورۃ فلا یجوز ان تتکلم بحیث یسمعھا الاجانب او لیس بعورۃ فیرخص لھا فی التکلم، والحق الحقیق  عند ارباب التحقیق وھو ان صوت المرأۃ لیس بعورۃ فی نفسہ الا انہ قد یکون سببا للفتنۃ، فکان من القسم الثانی من سد الذرائع، فدارحکمہ علی الفتنۃ وعدمھا فحیث خیفۃ الفتنۃ حرام ابدائہ وحیث لا ۔ فلا الخ    (فتاوی دارالعلوم زکریا ، ص 229، ج7


It is permissible to send girls to a madrasahwith boarding where the following conditions are met:

  • Full time boarding is exclusively available for females
  • Complete arrangement for purdah and fulfillment of Shar‘ai restrictions
  • Extreme precautionary and protective measures are put in place

واللہ اعلم بالصواب