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Fatwa Answer

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Asalam U Alaikum, 

mujhay ap sai puchna tha kai agar koi admi 3 sai ziada logon kai agay 3 bar bolay kai meri wife mujh pai divorced hai or ye bhi alag alag time pai 3 logon sai kahay. Wo admi yahan USA mei tha uss time or us ki wife pakistan mei thi ( 6 months tak) jab husband nai ye kaha tha bar bar k meri wife mujh pai divorced hai. Or husband kai aisay kehnay k koi 6-7 months bad wife USA aae thi. To ap kindly ye bataian kai aisay divorce hoti hai agr husband oron k samnay bar bar ye bolay k meri wife mujh pai divorced hai? Husband nai 3 saal pahlay bhi 4 dafa aik he time mei bola tha kai " mei isay(wife) ko talaaq daita hon". Ye husband k words thay aj sai 3 sal pahlay or tab bhi wife pakistan mei thi or husband USA mei. 

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

As per the situation described in your question, the three divorces had already taken effect upon you, when your husband had stated “I divorce her (my wife)” three years back. You are not considered his wife since that point in time. The whole time you lived together after that is considered time spent without Nikah. Any marital relations established during that time are considered haram. You should immediately separate from him, repent and perform astaghfar. When your husband later stated “my wife is divorced upon me” no divorce took effect because you were not in his Nikah since three years. There was no meaning of issuing a divorce anymore. However, it is correct and a fact that you are divorced.


قال تعالی: فان طلقھا فلا تحل لہ من بعد حتی تنکح زوجا غیرہ (القرآن، سورہ بقرہ)

(ان کان الطلاق ثلاثا فی الحرۃ وفی الامۃ ثنتین لم تحل لہ حتی تنکح زوجاً غیرہ نکاحاً  صحیحا ویدخل بھا ثم طلقھا او یموت عنھا (کذا فی الھدایہ

واللہ اعلم بالصواب