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Qunoot bil-Jehr


I am sorry for another question so soon!

What is the hukm of jahri qunoot in witr after allowing everyone time to do own sirri dua in the Hanafi madhab?

Is it permissible for the Imam to do jahri qunoot and muqtadis also want it?



الجواب وبالله التوفيق

The preferred method of reading qunoot during witr, as per ahnaf, for both the imam and muqtadi is to read it quietly. Any other options whether the loud reading of both the imam and muqtadi, loud reading of one and quite reading of the other or loud reading of one and silence of the other, are all considered against the virtuous method.


The above is the explanation of the ruling about your question. A suggestion of something important to think about is that leaving the virtuous method and advising others to do the same is done due to the underlying feelings of attraction towards modernization. Strive to modernize the true teachings of Islam takes them towards following their desires and therefore an action which is mubah(permissible) becomes a source for an impermissible action. Therefore, it is preferred and the safety of all our faiths remains in firmly acting upon the virtuous method.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب