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Please try to understand our conversation? Does it mean I am divorced? These conversations was after we have divorced and reconciled. My husband said divorce was Once. 

Me: "Honey is this counted as divorce when we talked the other day. When I said 'only Allah really knows how many times. Only Allah really knows everything.'
then you said something like 'Yes, to Allah it may even be 5 or 10 times.' If to Allah it's 5 -10 times then dont that mean we are in trouble? Did you mean it as a divorce. If you meant it it means it's already more than 2 :('"

Husband: "'No dear... Just once'" - (He is saying that throughout our marriage, he only intended once.)

Me: "'But what does it mean when you said that, means you dont know too? I wish you said ''I'm sure to Allah it's only once.''"

Husband: "'How many times do I need to say once? I've said once over and over dear. And over and over and over.'"

Me: "'I know honey but I'm asking what does it mean when you said "To Allah it may
even be 5/10times." To Allah it supposed to be once'"

Husband: "'I'm sorry but I don't remember saying that.'"

Me: "You said it after I said "Only Allah/God really knows everything or how
many." I just remembered it today.'"

Husband: "'He knows everything, including that in my heart it's only once.'"

Me: "'But why did you say "to him it May even be 5/10 times." after I said that sentence, last time.
I love you so much, I dont want to live without you :('"

Husband: "'If I said it, it was as an exaggeration to get you to listen.'"

I asked Allah to make it snow where we live if we are still husband and wife, but it didn't snow.
Instead, I dreamed of me and my husband and it was snowing outside in my dream, when I was taking a nap. This was after I talked to Allah in my heart and crying, full or guilt and regret and in need of Allah's guidance. I don't know what it means.


الجواب وبالله التوفيق

As per the situation described in your question, only one talaq-e-raj‘ai(revocable divorce) has taken effect. In addition, the husband’s statement “Yes, to Allah it maybe even 5 or 10 times” does not have any effect as he has denied this claim made by the wife, and the wife does not have a proof to base her claim on. Without a proof or basis for the claim, the claim is not considered valid. You should consider your situation as if the husband never made that statement.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب