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Nikah via Text Message

aoa  if a boy asked to a girl at text message not at phone call ...... binte ..... nikah qabool hai and the girl unintentionally replied as yes. i want to ask if in in this manner nikah can taken place if that boy saw that messages to some one?

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

For an Islamic Nikah, it is mandatory that the eejab-o-qabool(i.e. proposal and acceptance) between the man and woman takes place in the presence of two Muslim, sane and adult witnesses. The proposal and acceptance through text messages is unacceptable in the light of Islamic Shari‘ah, no matter how many people it is shown to. It has been mentioned in the famous book of fiqh Hidayah:

ولو ینعقد نکاح المسلمین الا بحضور شاھدین حرین عاقلین بالغین رجلین او رجل وامرتین۔۔۔لقولہ علیہ السلام لا نکاح الا بشھود

 (ھدایہ ص۵، ج۳، مکتبۃ البشریٰ)

ھکذا فی کتب الفتاویٰ

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب