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Black Magic Sahr


As-salamu alaykum

I would like to say Jazakallah for taking the time to read my email. Inshallah with the mercy of Allah SWT I may receive some guidance. Aameen

I don't really know where to begin there is a lot to say and explain. It is a very complex situation but also as difficult as it is I find so much strength in Almighty Allah and Almighty as been my only means of carrying on and I know it is the way it's supposed to be, Subhanallah.

My situation is as follows, I will mention certain aspects of it to give light to it as mentioned there's a lot more. 

I embraced Islam 6 years ago upon marriage to my husband. Alhamdullilah. Upon the birth of my now two year old son, we moved into my mother in law (things weren't good there we moved out again, I received much ill treatment from my in laws) during that time I was unaware of my husbands involvement with a married non Muslim co worker of his ( he was fetching and dropping this lady without my knowledge), of which my mother in law knew about (she then once passed a comment around me saying "don't think you can't be replaced as a wife and a mother")  My husband mentioned that he wanted to leave me, I stood firm on not allowing my home to break, through all the conflict that arose from this I became aware of an evil reality. I came to find out that Sihr was and is being done.  It's been almost two years now after finding out, I do believe that it's been more years knowing what I know now, my mother in law has taken my husband to these saahirs whilst we were married some years before my son was born. However, she has been taking him to such people even before we were married. 

As mentioned there has been so much that proves to sihr and dealings with saahirs: I was exposed to these saahirs my mother in law deals with, these people have given black strings with knots "taweez", and through my mother in law after I came into contact with this saahir he spoke much bad (as these evil people do) and that I am mentally unstable of which my husband and his family keep saying to me (I've studied psychology Alhamdullilah and I do believe that our blessed deen refers to such evil people as Saahirs and their doings as sihr. Alhamdullilah. As much as I was being convinced that I was imagining all of the bad things and that I was perhaps not mentally stable I refused to give in to it, I continued to plea with my husband and fight for our home and family (I have experienced many symptoms related to sihr)

To date I worry of my husbands involvement due to many reasons. (However, I am in disbelief as I can't believe that any person can be involved in such evil) While at his mums one early morning he brought me a drink I then had a sharp pain on my chest, I fainted and shook on the floor. He managed to recite for me I then woke up. Alhamdullilah. I didn't know what happened to me however I still worry about how my husband witnessed this and then said nothing about it. (He had mentioned wanting to separate while at his mum I wasn't aware of him traveling with this other woman during that time)  We moved into our own place again. I then contacted a sheikh at our local masjid to seek advice regarding my marriage and situation and how to go about it. However, only to find out that this sheikh is actually also a saahir with kufr practices, who asked for mothers names, told me he could give me something to make my husband love me and so forth. This shocked me very much and worries me as I believe many others are being misled into sihr and evil. I then came across a Raaqi and then through Ruqya my husband stated that he agreed that his mum was responsible and aimed at separating us and so on. He part took in ruqya with me and witnessed all through some Ruqya sessions I've experienced fainting etc of which I was told is due to jinn; my husband was present during these times. I've pleaded many a times for us to try to stop all this evil, his story changed many a times I now get told that it's not true and that I'm a liar with a mental problem and that I was making all these lies up, he always tells me that I am delusional. Allah knows best. He has approached my family many times making me look bad and making me a liar about everything. Allah knows best. However, many occurrences still make me question my husbands involvement. Prior to all this I had no knowledge about sihr until learning and reading up about it. Alhamdullilah.

Personally i have no one to turn to in this; The sad reality is I know that the sihr extends to my family. (They had no knowledge about jinn and so forth, I would play Ruqya audio for them and try to provide insight into the Islamic teachings of such) I kept trying to ward all this evil off and fight for our home. it gets very difficult sometimes especially not being able to trust my husband in all this as he still stands against me and calls me a liar, to date I know the sihr continues and make dua against it) I seek guidance as a wife and a mother if this is the case with my home and my family. I know Allah has power over all things I've been placing my trust in Allah SWT and will always continue to do so.

I wish there was more that could be done about this evil as I believe many more people are victim to such. I witness this evil occurring and more people becoming involved in it. Subhanallah through Almightys mercy and our noble Quran there's shifaa and guidance. Allahu Akbar.

I believe that the intention behind this is to get me to leave, shifting all blame on me, making me look like the problem (even going so far as to accuse me of a mental problem especially because sihr is something so hidden) I've been staying away from my in laws and keeping my son after much conflict with them; they've been doing bad things and lying about their actions and trying to break up our home. I refuse to let anyone corrupt my son and his deen or expose him to the way of shaytaan and people who follow him. My husband continues to see his family and to date him and his mother still plan against me. 

In essence, there remains much confirmation of sihr on the part of my mother in law and her attempts to break up our home. She refers to these saahirs as "moulana"

As I mentioned I had no prior knowledge about sihr and going to saahirs and using taweez and jinn in order to carry out this evil. I have come to realize that this is the way of my in laws who frequent these evil people. Allah is the greatest and dua is most powerful.

I believe that my in laws are confident in this route that they've taken. Perhaps because in western law sihr etc is not very much understood or recognized. My husband still tells me to pack my bags and go to my family and that I won't keep our son from him; and with my claims about sihr he answers that I am mental and lying. That is why they are labeling me as mentally unstable? Having studied psychology I am aware that the realm of the unseen and jinn etc isn't understood or recognized. Glory be to Allah the most high. 

Please provide me with some feedback inshallah aameen 


I have been seeking guidance for some time now I'm from South Africa; please help me if possible with regard to my situation and my rights according to Shariah please inshallah Aameen 

Thank you for your time

Jazakallah Khair

As-salamu alaykum

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

You should read mauzatain(i.e. surah al-falaqand surah an-naas) andayatul-kursi abundantly. If you have the book called manzil(a collection of different surahsand supplications), you should also read that.

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب