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Kissing Quran

1.Whats Ur Openion About Kiss The Quran,Touching The Quran To
Heart,Touch The Quran To Eyes?
2.What Are The Benefits Of Sura E Rahman From Hadith And From The
Books Of Ulema E Haq?
3.In The Openion Of Majarority Ulema Who Are The Mujaddids Of This Era?

الجواب وبالله التوفيق      

1- It is correct to do so, in Durr-e-Mukhtarit has been mentioned that kissing Quran al-Karim is proven by the actions of Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Usman RaziAllah Ta‘ala Anhuma.

(حاشیہ فتاویٰ محمودیہ، ص148، ج7)

2- The bounties and blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta‘alaand His kindness on the human kind have been mentioned in detail in Surah Rahman. Therefore, by the recitation of this surah, one attains the feeling of thankfulness and gratification for these bounties and kindness of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta‘ala. It has been mentioned in a hadithof Rasulullah Sallallaho Alyhi Wasallam, that when Rasulullah Sallallaho Alyhi Wasallam recited the complete Surah Rahman in front of some people and they kept quite after that, Rasulullah Sallallaho Alyhi Wasallam said that when I recited this surah in front of jinnatin laylatul-jinn, they were better in accepting the effect of this surah than you, as upon the recitation of the verse:

فَبِای اٰ لاء ربکما تکذبن

The jinnat would unanimously state:

لَا بِشیء مِنْ نِعَمِک رَبّنا نُکَذِبُ فَلک الحمد.

Translation: O our Sustainer, we would never deny or be unappreciative of your bounties, praise is only for You.

(معارف القرآن بحوالہ ترمذی حضرت جابر ؓ، ص242، ج8)

3- We have no knowledge on this.

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب