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Fatwa Answer

Question ID: 810 Category: Knowledge
Taking Payment for Making Dua

As salam ale qum,
               Here in our locality we people are habituated to
organise/arrange program of Dual for our own ancestors, or beginning
to live new houses, or businesses etc in our own house or institution
with invited people. People who are invited in those program they have
an (pre)image in their mind that at the time of dual after asking all
the invitee to offer their all aamol(jikir) to represent the dua to

         The aalem/eemam in the dua as the principle of dua first of
all ask for our last & final prophet (Hajrot Muhammad PBUH) to all
other prophet , shaba, siddikin, sohadaeen, saleheen, aayen, gayen,
mostadedeen .............
Last this very person (moto) who arranges the program then the entire
locality (koum).

           Now i enter the core problem presently for the last 10/15
years the personal Dua representation are added in the ISLAMIC
INSTITUTION like Masjid, the JAMAT of Id ul fitr, Id Ul Adha & even in
the salah of Masjid. Here the Eemam/aalem are personally paid to
represent the personal dua. Therefore after the Id Ul fitr /Adha or
the larger Jamat the aalem/eemam ask everyone to offer their all aamol
to represent the dua but in the verse/words he inputs personal name.
It is growing the health of aalem/eemam therefore they encourage the
competitiveness among the society. General people to empower locally
paid to urge dua. Now the emam use the list of name at the time of dua
in those jamat where people assembled only because of their
kalema/eeman/Aalloh but all these presence misguided by the eemam.

الجواب وبالله التوفيق      

As per the situation described in your question, it is incorrect to take money to make dua and the imam should include all Muslims while making dua. However on a special occasion or upon special need e.g. making dua for someone’s health or maghfirat(forgiveness), it is permissible to make dua by stating the person’s name, without taking any money.

ویستحب لہ ای للامام بعد السلام۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ید عوای الامام لنفسہ وللمسلمین من الا دعیۃ الجامعۃ الما ثورۃ الخ

(کفایت المفتی ص85، ج4، بحوالہ التحفۃ  المرغوبۃ)

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب