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Nikah Marriage


  1. If there is only two witnesses one male or one female in Nikah, it is valid or not in Islamic sharia?
  2. If there in no Qadi/Moulvi in the Nikah only one male and one female witnesses, it is valid nikah or not?
  3. The date of Talaq is 04.10 and Nikah is done on 06.10 in Iddut period, it is valid nikah or not?

Your fatwa is valid in Indian court and any other country or not??

I want you will give fatwa on above question urgently as soon as possible.

It is very important for me and my family.

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

1- The Nikah mentioned as per your question did not take place correctly as the requirement for witnesses did not get fulfilled. In order for the Nikah to be valid, two adult sane Muslim males or one adult sane Muslim male and two adult sane Muslim females must be present as the witnesses. 


2- The presence of a qadhi is not mandatory for the Nikah to be valid, if there is an acceptance from the couple for the proposal of Nikah in the presence of the witnesses (described above), it will be considered valid.


3- If the Nikah was performed as per the Shar‘ai rules and regulations then ruju(reconciliation) can be performed with the ba‘ina(divorced woman with whom reconciliation is possible) during or after her period of Iddat by performing Nikah with her.

(واستشھدوا شھیدین من رجالکم فان لم یکونا رجلین فرجل وامرأتان ممن ترضون من الشھداء (البقرۃ

(ولا ینعقد نکاح المسلمین الا بحضور شاھدین حرین عاقلین بالغین مسلمین رجلین او رجل وامراتین الخ (ہدایہ کتاب النکاح

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب