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Aasalamalikum Shaikh,

Hope you are doing Good by the grace of Allah. I follow shafai Imam. What is the sunnat procedure to do for my questions
1)for example if i missed zohar prayer and its time for Asar prayer, so should i pray Zohar first or Asar?In both cases with imam and Individual Praying
2)Do i need to recite Dua iftetah(Atahiyath) in starting of every taraweeh?
3)What is the correct procedure of sajda e Sahu(When i made mistake in Namaz) do i need to do it after reciting tashahud and after that salam?

 الجواب وبالله التوفيق

1- If you are a Sahib-e-Tarteeb(i.e. a person who has not missed any salah during their entire adult life) then you should first pray the qadha Zuhr salah, only if there is ample time for Asar salah, after which you would pray your Asar. If the time for Asar is short (i.e. about to end) then you will pray Asar salah first. If you are not a Sahib-e-Tarteeb then if time permits it is preferred that you pray Zuhr first followed by Asar.

Note: This ruling is when you are praying alone.

ومن فاقتہ صلوۃ قضاھا اذا ذکرھا وقد مھا علی فرض الوقت –والاصل فیہ ان الترتیب بین الفوائت وفرض الوقت عندنا وعندالشافعی مستحب ۔۔۔لو خاف فوت الوقت بقدم الوقتیۃ ثم یقضیھا لان الترتیب یسقط بضین الوقت وکذا بالنسیان (ہدایہ باب قضاء والفوائت

2- It is a mustahab(preferred) to read dua-e-iftetah before in the starting of every taraveeh.

3- In maslak al-Shafa‘i, sajda-sehw is performed before salam.

وعند الشافعی یسجد قبل السلام لما روی انہ علیہ السلام سجد للسھو قبل السلام (ہدایہ باب  لسجود السحو)

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب