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a sheikh, i have lived a life of disobeidnce... I wish to make tubah and repent and change my life i have read that half of imaan is to get married and i am in dire need of guidence...
I live with a non muslim woman who wishes to convert to islam and get married firstly what is the bare minimum to get married? How do i do so? Also we have 2 children together.. We currently live off beniefits in the uk i have a part-time job but is not much... Is it haraam to get married islamically and not declaring it to the goverment? And to carry on recieving aid? I wish not to declare it to the goverment not because of the money but i also have another 2nd partner who is not muslim... However she would also like to convert and get married... Is it permissable even though the state dose not allow this? Also is it permissable to marry both without them knowing of each other? I dont believe it is in the sunnah or quran that a man must ask his 1st wife for permission or must tell her that he has married a 2nd? If i am doing good by converting both woemen 2 islam and marrying them however both cannot be married legally in the uk so do i have to declare marriage? Or can i marry both islamically and provide and spend time with both as i see best? My 2nd partner i do not have children with she works herself and is self afficent and is in no need of money in fact is very rich she simply wants my companionship and is very busy and has differnt needs to my first partner if i fulfil both there needs and treat them justily and convert both and only declare marriage with one as that is all i can do in the uk or with none is this permissible thank you

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

It is a commendable thing that you want to change your ways of disobedience and want to spend a life of obedience of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta‘ala. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta‘ala help you in fulfilling your intention and in leading a pious life aameen.

Tauba(repentance) means that one should stop committing the sin they are engaged in, show true sense of remorse on the actions performed and make firm intention to not repeat such actions ever again. Therefore, you should immediately sever any type of contact with either of those non-Muslim women. It is mandatory for the women to be Muslims if you or the women are interested in performing Nikah. It is haramto perform Nikah, without them reverting to Islam.

(قال تعالٰی ولا تنکحوالمشرکات حتی یومن الخ (سورہ البقرۃ

One should pay close attention and obey the rules and regulations of whichever country they are residing in.

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب