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Taking Oath for US Citizenship

Salam Alykoum I am originally from an african arab country. My original country follows Maleki Mazhab. I have a question and hope in Sha Allah you answer me

I have emigrated from an arab muslim country to US and been living in US for almost 20 years. I became a US citizen and gave up my original arab muslim country citizenship even though I cankeep both citizenship in both countries. My original arab muslim country ruled by islamic law butthere is a lot of corruption. I love America and I'm proud to be an American As per requirement for naturalization I wrote and said the following oath upon taking US citizenship which you can read inthis link ( One day came across something that was quiteconcerning, which was a fatwa by someone who is a sharia faculty in one of the universities in SaudiArabia answering someone who was asking about the US citizenship oath and the sheikh said thatsuch oath is موالاة مطلقة عامة (Muwlat Mutlaqa Amma) and hence kufur Did I commit any apostasy(kufur)by saying and writing the above oath


الجواب وبالله التوفيق

As per our knowledge the oath you have mentioned in your question does not contain any statement against any religion nor does it have a word which removes someone from the fold of Islam. Therefore you should not worry about this.

If you think otherwise that there are such statements in there, then just perform tajdeed-e-eeman(renewal of one’s faith).

Note: You should also contact the ulamah from your maslak to get a confirmation.

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب