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Question ID: 892 Category: Dealings and Transactions

I abc wald xyz in my correct state of mind gives KA wald SA her aik talaaq.

Asalamalaikum my husband sent me the above statement of one talaaq via text message on August 6, 2014 . It will be exactly 3 months on nov 6th 2014. I tried to reconcile this seperation and save our marriage but my husband showed no interest and closed all the doors of communication. 
I like to know the following 
- Am I still in his Nikah as his wife or no.
- if Iam not in his nikah any longer what are my rights.  
Please assist me as this matter to me is very sensitive. Jazakallah khair 

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

As per the situation described in your question, the one talaq your husband issued on August 6ththrough his text message has taken effect as one Talaq-e-Raj‘ai(revocable divorce). Your period of ‘iddah had started from the point when you had received the text message from your husband. During these three months, if you have gone through 3 menstruation cycles, then your period of ‘iddah is considered as complete.

There is no relationship between you and him anymore and you are free to move on with your life.

After the divorce mehr and the living expenses during the period of ‘iddah are considered the husband’s responsibility. If he has not paid you the amount of mehr(owed) then you have the right to demand for it. Since the period of ‘iddah has completed already, you are not entitled to the living expenses for that period anymore.

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب