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Women Doing Second Nikah

Mufti saheb...
I wanted to get your full idea on a fatwa regarding a woman who is still in nakah with her husband and she contracted another nikah with another man.
Pl let me know if this 2nd nIkah stand good or it's  harraam as how u will interpreter this matter.
I await for your reply.
 Jazaak Allah.

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

When a woman is in the Nikah of a man, she cannot perform another Nikah with another man, unless the husband issues her a divorce or passes away. If without these conditions she performs Nikah with another man, it will not be considered valid and the woman will receive the grave and severe sin for her actions. Establishing physical relations by performing such Nikah is considered haram(impermissible). By doing so she will constitute the sin of adultery. Additionally, it will be considered impermissible for the man to perform Nikah with such a woman while she is in someone else’s Nikah. Therefore immediate separation is necessary:


لا یجوز للرجل ان یتزوج زوجۃ غیرہ و کذا المعتدہ (کتاب النوازل بحوالہ فتاوی ھندیہ ص ۲۱۶، ج۸

واما نکاح منکوحۃ الغیر و معتدتہ فلم یقل احد بجوازہ فلم ینقعد اصلاً(حوالہ مذکورہ، ص۲۱۷

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب