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Masah Over Cotton Socks

Assalamualikum Mufti sab

I attend university. There we have intzam for praying. Most of the students there do masah on either shoes or just regular(non-leather socks) socks. I, alhumdulillah, wash my feet and then pray. The problem is that sometimes there a jamaat going on and I will have to join the jamaat, but I don't know if the brother leading the jamaat has done wazu correctly or not? Meaning he washed his feet or just masaah on regular socks/shoes. I'm not judging , but I've heard from scholars that you have to wash your feet or do masaah on leather socks.
1. Could you please clarify if praying being the brother is valid or not? 
2. Also can we pray with shoes on?
Please clarify the above. JazakallahKhair

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

  • It is a unanimous ruling from all four aimma kiram ؒthat performing masah on thin cotton or nylon socks is impermissible. Whether such socks were worn before or after performing wudhu does not make any difference. Similarly, performing masah on shoes is also incorrect. Wudhu is not valid in these conditions and thus salah performed with such invalid wudhu is also invalid. It is impermissible to read salah in such a person’s imamat(lead).

عن قتادہ عن سعید بن المسیب والحسن قالا یمسح الجوربین اذا کانا صفیقین   (کتاب النوازل بحوالہ مصنف لابن ابی شیبۃ ، ص 127، ج3

قال الملک العلماء کاسانی ؒفان کانا رقیقین یشفان الماء لا یجوز المسح علیھما بالاجماع  (فتاوی  عثمانی، ص 369، ج1

  • In itself, it is considered permissible and proven (from the teachings of Islamic Shari‘ah) to read salah while wearing shoes as long as they are paak(clean). However since the floor of masajid has prayer rugs etc. therefore it is considered makrooh to enter masajid while wearing shoes. Even if the shoes are paak, it is still considered against the respect of a masjid to wear shoes inside the masjid.

دخول المسجد متنعلا ًمکروہ الخ   (حاشیہ فتاویٰ محمودیہ بحوالہ عالمگیری، ص 119، ج11)
(قال مشائخنا الیوم لا یصلی بالنعال فی المسجد لان دخول المسجد متنعلاً ةى سو ءالادب فی العرف الحادث ولان تلویت المسجد بھا واقع لا محالۃ الخ  (حاشیہ فتاوی فریدیہ، ص 489، ج2، بحوالہ منھاج السنن شرح جامع السنن

واللہ اعلم بالصواب