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Asalam mu alikum, I have a question from Ulmas and Muftis. My husband verbally divorced me. he said k divorce you 3 times. I have voice recording of this too. he was not nice to me since 3 years of our marriage. He wanted me to leave the house with my son. My son is from a previous husband. And my present husband was married three times before me I'm her fourth wife. I've talked to his previous wife's they say the same that he treated all of us bad. he came to me in the kitchen and said you have to leave the house and pack your stuff, he then said I'm going to New York I said where will I go on road? I will go with you too wherever husband goes wife goes. He then said you're not my wife and became arrogant with me and physically pushed me etc and said no one can stop me from going, he said then that do you want divorce, he kept scaring me by saying this from last 3 years and I said if you want to then give it, he then said i divorce you in Urdu and then I said divorce doesn't happen by saying once, he then repeated 2 times more making it a total of 3 times that I divorce you in Urdu. He then said if you want from court now go and get yourself. Please I wanna know if my divorce is now valid I have court hearing against him. Jazak'Allah khairun

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

As per the validity of the situation described in your question, all three divorces have taken effect upon you. You have become haram for your husband.  It is haram to live together without performing Shar‘ai Halalah.

فَاِنۡ طَلَّقَهَا فَلَا تَحِلُّ لَهٗ مِنۡۢ بَعۡدُ حَتّٰى تَنۡكِحَ زَوۡجًا غَيۡرَهٗ ‌ؕ (البقرۃ 230

It is obviously and evident fact that a divorce still takes effect even if issued only once.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب