Monday | 20 March 2023 | 28 Shabaan 1444
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What is Halal Monitoring Services (HMS)?

   Halal Monitoring Services

As you are well aware, the Shar'i Zabiha Committee of Shariah Board of America has been working, by the grace of Allah, for over 25 years to:

  • Certify and monitor hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat
  • Generate a network of certified slaughterhouses, grocery stores and restaurants, currently spanning over several cities across 23 states in the US and one city in Canada (as of Dec 2022)
  • Make proper monitored hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal easily accessible throughout America
  • Provide all of the above services free of cost

In order to expand this supply chain of certified and monitored hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat even further throughout the states, Shariah Board of America is pleased to announce the inception of Halal Monitoring Services (HMS), a national body of Halal monitors comprised of a network of Ulama Kiram across several states who are constantly working towards:

  • Increasing awareness in the general public about the importance of eating Halal
  • Helping Muslim businesses in acquiring certified and monitored hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat

Along with the current websites and, our new website,, is currently under construction. You can still review the latest list of our certified and monitored businesses throughout the United States by clicking All future certificates at our certified locations will bear our new HMS logo (shown above).