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Dealings and Transactions

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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 17312/6/2023

    Salary Negotiation with Employer
    Assalam o Alaikum. 1. I am working in a company for the last five years as Finance manager inSaudi Arabia. 2. I have obtained all the required degrees, skills and knowledge in halalway and my employer is satisfied with my work performance...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 17127/14/2023

    What is Islamic views over cryptocurrency? Is Cryptocurrency halal or haram?
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 17052/14/2023

    Medical and house insurance
    Assalam-o-Alaikum, I am a house owner and has no mortgage or loan. For the last few years, my income is very low. The wooden houses in USA may incur heavy losses in case of fire (may Allah protect all of us). I heard some scholars that house or...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 17032/14/2023

    Referring people to online survey sites
    Assalamualaikum, There are a few genuine online survey sites that pay users for answering the surveys like rating a product, answering personal questions, etc...If I refer people to those sites and they signup through me then I will get a small...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 16982/11/2023

    Working on multiple jobs at same time
    As salamu alekum warahmath-ullah wabarakatuh, I work in a IT company which allows people to work from home between 7 am till 6 pm. Recently i have seen and experienced that some of my muslim coworkers have taken 1-2 jobs during the same time and...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 16962/7/2023

    Banking and insurance in America.
    Assalamoalikum Mufti sahib! I'm Khayyam pervez and I'm looking forward to start a parts distribution business in USA. Though my Suppliers have required me to get an insurance coverage as it's manadatory to get the contract. Furthermore to run my...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 16932/7/2023

    Difference between loan from builder
    Assalamualaikum wbr, I am buying a new home, Islamic financing is offering loan at 7.5 while builders own financing company is offering loan at 4.5 mortgage rate. Over all difference on monthly payment is almost $700, just wondering which choice...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 16912/7/2023

    Collection money
    Assalamualakum, Is it permissible to use one collection money in another good cause without mentioning it in the beginning of collection? Is it ok to use one marriage collection money into another marriage of a poor girl without informing the...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 16872/15/2023

    Can a student earn money in united states of America
    Assalamualaikum, i mohammed Riyaz from India currently pursuing my graduation in university of new haven. i landed recently in America and i want to know whether as international students can i earn money by doing off-campus jobs without getting...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 16852/15/2023

    Online earning platform Fiverr.
    I want to ask that there is an online earning platform means that is a freelancing platform fiverr. ( and when we earn through that some percentage of our earning probably 10 or 15 percent goes to that company. And that is an...