Tuesday | 30 May 2023 | 10 Dhul-Qidah 1444
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Interpretation of Dreams

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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 17372/8/2023

    Dream interpretation
    asalamalaikum My name is Mohammed. I recently saw a dream in which I was reading tasshahud in my dream. I raised my index finger and did the salam and suddenly woke up from my sleep. I don't know the direction in which I was praying.What does...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 17362/8/2023

    I saw a dream sometime ago that i was on the terrace of a house sleeping without any clothes on. Then suddenly i wake up and hide behind a short wall with blanket covering me and then i see at the same bed i was sleeping there was a person which...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 17302/6/2023

    Hi, im not a muslim but my friend is and my friend told me to ask this question here. I had a dream last night that i was in some place which was outside but there was a white building around me. I was there and a man was next to me and we were...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 166210/2/2022

    Marriage dream interpretation
    i am interested in marrying a guy. We both are currently doing istikhara. I've been doing it for 4 days and him 3. I have not had any bad feelings regarding this as of yet. However, yesterday after doing istikhara, the guy had a dream where he saw...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 160210/5/2022

    Assalamualaikum WRB respected Mufti Sahab. Hope my message finds you in best of health. Can I kindly request you to keep my question confidential? This question is from my sister who lives in India and quite worried with some dreams she has...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 160110/5/2022

    Gold key
    In my dream I saw my friend and the person she wants to marry come over to my house. It was after fajr because the sun was rising while they were hanging out in the backyard. There I saw him give her a golden key- it shaped like ribbon on the top...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 15923/6/2022

    Dream about my father
    Assalu alaykum Shaykh My father passed away last week and last night i had a dream: "me and my family were all outside the house eating and sitting while my father was sitting left side to my corner, he was wearing a "Songkok" (cap worn by...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 15463/22/2022

    Dream Interpretation
    AssalamuAlaikum, I wanted to ask you about a dream I had. In it I am going to someone else's wedding but I am more dressed up than the bride. The bride is in a simple dress and I am wearing a really heavy dress. I even use my heavily adorned...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 15161/31/2022

    Can you interpret my dream about a woman I love?
    There is a woman older than me who I worry I won't be able to marry because of her age and because she will likely find another suitor before I can be financially stable. In my dream, I was in the marketplace, where I saw her last but she was...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 14941/15/2022

    Plz interpret my Dream
    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I am 33 year male from india. Few days back on the night of 11th Rabi ul awwal i got a dream. I remember that i am giving azaan in Masjid e nabawi (sas). In my dream i did not see gumbaz but a feeling...