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Islamic Morals

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    Islamic MoralsQue.ID 13427/24/2021

    Volunteer work
    Assalam Alaikum wrb.... My Name is Hadia N. I am a single mother living in chicago. i would like to volunteer for any technical IT work like programming etc... for the Masjidwebsite or any other website which the masjid utilizes or to teach...
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    Islamic MoralsQue.ID 12853/18/2021

    Community’s responsibility
    Asslam Aleykum wr wb, I was asked by one of my friend to give her an advice and I think it's a matter where I need your help . She was telling me that in her neighborhood there is a woman who has been doing some inappropriate activities like...
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    Islamic MoralsQue.ID 12803/18/2021

    Women Clothing
    Assalamualaikum, I wanted to ask can a wife wear ladies shirts, ladies jeans, mini skirts, short clothes, any type of clothes that expose body parts and any type of clothes which are see through only to please her husband? only in front of her...
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    Islamic MoralsQue.ID 12633/17/2021

    Question Regarding The Rights Parents Have Over Their Married...
    Assalamualaikum Respected Muftis, My mother and father are divorced. My mother is a doctor and lives seperately in her own home and my father is a doctor and lives seperately in his own home. Both of them work, but they are nearing retirement...