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    KnowledgeQue.ID 18367/19/2023

    Best Books for Learning Sunnats
    I want to Practice each every Sunnat of beloved Prophet ﷺ. What are the Best Books for Learning about the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ. can u please advise me that all Books, where I can find, learn and study the Complete Sunnah? (Either in Urdu or...
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 18168/30/2023

    Aslm Can you please tell me what was the Islamic year of the hijrah of the Prophet (pbuh)? I know that it took place on 12 Rabu'-ul-awwal but I do not find anywhere the year this happens. It is said that it was the year 622 according to gregorian...
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 18017/27/2023

    Quran Application with Transliteration
    As salaam alaikum, can you suggest me genuine Quran application with transliteration.
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 17446/24/2023

    Best Books for Learning Sunnats
    I want to Practice each every, All Sunnats of beloved Prophet ﷺ. What are the best books for learning about the sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ. Name me that all Books, where I can find, learn and study the Sunnah ?
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 14811/24/2022

    Assalamu aleykum, I need to know and understand the law about Khums. Can you please give me a proof or hawala of any Hadith or aayat which says the word ghanimat includes salary or not? Jazak Allah.
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 142712/10/2021

    Question about website
    What school of thought is followed here? As i am from Hanafi school of thought. Are answers here equivalent to fatwa??
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 12893/23/2021

    Assalamualikum mufti sab hope you are well i would like ask three questions please answer it briefly 1) Mufti sab can we do salam to a NON - MEHRAM. 2) 2nd question is about TRADING in stock market. i.e., can we take active part in buying and...
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 12683/17/2021

    Questions on Islam
    1) Lets say someone accepts all the sahih (authentic) hadiths (regardless of if it is in bukari, muslim, tirmidi or any other hadith book). As long as it is mentioned sahih by a scholar he accepts it. But what if the same person rejects some of...
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 120911/3/2020

    Imam Mahdi
    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. I hope this reaches you in the best of health and iman. I wanted to ask about a hadith regarding imam mahdi; "On doomsday, a man who is carrying the name of an animal ascends to the throne, after...
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 120811/3/2020

    Planning with respect to Worldly things.
    As-Salamualekum, I would like to know if it is Islamically allowed to plan for worldly things for the next 5-10 years.Example career-wise, business, purchasing a house, living in a country, etc.. Is there any reference from the life of Prophet...