Saturday | 01 April 2023 | 10 Ramadhan 1444
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Permissible and Impermissible

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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 15202/1/2022

    Use of opioids after surgery
    I have my surgery tomorrow and as part of prescription i have been asked to take certain opioids in case i have extreme pain. Is it permissible for me to take? Below are the prescribed opioids. Hydrocodone: for extreme pain (10/10) Tramadol:...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 15121/31/2022

    Herbal Extracts alcohol
    Assalamu alaikum, are herb extracts allowed to consume; specifically garlic extract as a ingredient which is included in a product with oils e.g. (olive / castor / canola oil) for cooking. Extracts of herb or food substances usually consists of...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 15021/25/2022

    Hair Restoration
    Assalamoalikum, I am 21 yrs old, female and have been suffering from hair loss to the point where sections of my scalp are showing. I have tried many pills and topical treatments with very low success and high side effects. I have consulted a...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 14681/13/2022

    Healing with Marijuana
    Salams, I am 25 years old. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression majority of my life. I have overcome self-harm and anorexia in my teenage years. But in just the past two years, I had a rough patch and gained a little over 100 pounds. As...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 144012/10/2021

    How do I stop masturbating?
    I have stopped watching video porn, which was a compulsive habit of mine, but now I look at images of women in bikinis or non sexually intended images of beautiful women, usually which appear as ads on websites, and I cant help but click and...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 14252/6/2023

    Are Tdap and MMR Vaccines Halal?
    Are the following vaccines Halal? : 1) Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) Vaccine and 2) MMR Vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) Thank you
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 14242/6/2023

    pure platinum ring
    Assalamu alaykum I know men are not allowed to wear gold or silk. But I would like to know if men can wear pure platinum ring? Looking forward to your reply Jazakallah Khairan Asma
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 14212/6/2023

    MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccines required to get an admission in university. That vaccines made from some human ingredient, and gelatin (porcine) which made from pork and some other ingredients.In that case Is it permissible to get that...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 137910/25/2021

    Is it permissible to suggest a plastic surgery procedure
    I am a medical doctor. I examine faces of men and women across the world (mostly non-muslims) for aesthetic Consultation of face. My clients provide front and side photos of their face. I reshape the side photo in Adobe Photoshop as per the preset...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 13709/4/2021

    is kosher beef gelatin made from the hide of beef halal to consume?