Tuesday | 30 May 2023 | 10 Dhul-Qidah 1444
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    RightsQue.ID 17342/6/2023

    Husband is not talking since 1 month
    Assalamalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu My name is afreen wajahath. I am married for 11yrs . My husband's name is mohammed hafeez khan. I am 34 yrs old house wife. We have 1 daughter.she is 9yrs old,my husband is staying in dubai and i am in...
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    RightsQue.ID 16453/8/2023

    Is okay to get tortured mentally and lose your self respect on the...
    As salamu alaikum I came to U.S in 2017 after marriage and living here since then. I never got any positive vibes from my immediate in-laws. Especially my mother in law. My husband is her only son and she had 2 daughters. So as per my husband's...
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    RightsQue.ID 15433/24/2022

    Obligation on spending on family and Israf
    There is a hadith which says, "You and your wealth belong to your father". But I also know that whatever woman spends on her family is sadaqa and she is not oligated to spend on her husband and kids. I have one question in this context. Does...
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    RightsQue.ID 15423/22/2022

    I watch Islamic content, but sin too, will be virtues go in vain
    Assalamualaikum, I regularly watch reknown scholars Islamic lectures, follow Islamic blogs and feel that I am connected to Allah with all these. Its not that I do not sin. Like every human, I am a sinner too and sometimes misbehave with my...
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    RightsQue.ID 15413/10/2022

    Mother is happy only when I spend on brother
    Assalamualaikum, I am a female, 34, who works and lives in the US and my parents are living with me. I manage all the household expenses in the US and sometimes send money back in India for my brother(32). My brother looks after my father's...
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    RightsQue.ID 15403/10/2022

    Marriage separation
    Asalamualaykum Im in a situation where I don't want to divorce, I want to separate from my husband, meaning I want to live alone for some time, we have been having issues for the past 7 years and now it's time I have gotten exhausted. I have...
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    RightsQue.ID 14182/6/2023

    Female name meanings
    As-salamu Alaikum What are the meanings of the below female names Maryam - Aafiyah - Sumayyah - Hania - Which one is the best and preferred? Please advise. Jazak Allah khair
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    RightsQue.ID 14172/6/2023

    Maryam name meaning (urgent)
    As-salamu Alaikum Need to know the meanig for "Maryam" for female girl? Also can you advise few good girl names with their meaning, Can someone respond little urgently please.... Jazak Allah khair
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    RightsQue.ID 14162/6/2023

    Family Issue
    Assalam Alaikum, My mother passed away over a year ago and my father went back to India remarried immediately, His second marriage did not work as he hoped and it ended in divorce. Now my siblings, all of them married and well settled here in the...
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    RightsQue.ID 141010/29/2021

    Shirk in Muslim name
    As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhMy name is Wasif Tajwarul Hoque. I just wanted to know, what is the translation of my name in Arabic. Just want to make sure I am not involving in shirk,usinga name that might haveimproper meaningJazak...