Sunday | 21 April 2024 | 12 Shawaal 1445


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    ZakahQue.ID 166310/2/2022

    Calculation of "Liquid/Cash Zakatable" assets in a startup company
    As Salaam Wa Aalikum Mufti Sahab, I hope and pray you and your entire team are doing well. I wanted to ask about calculation of zakat for an investment in a startup company. My close relative has invested in a startup company, and asked the...
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    ZakahQue.ID 16153/8/2023

    Zakat on 401k and health saving account
    السلام عليكم i have question about zakat on 401k and health savings account i have 401k and health savings account with my employer they been contributing money in my 401k every year as profite share in a business and also contribute money in my...
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    ZakahQue.ID 159910/5/2022

    Aoa , I know a person in Pakistan who is under going dialysis treatment . He is a government retired person who doesnt have much savings . He is sharing a house with his brother which is not his own property . He has a small apartment which is...
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    ZakahQue.ID 15943/6/2022

    Zakat on 401K
    What is the ruling for Zakat on 401K if we cannot withdarw any amonut from it at this time.
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    ZakahQue.ID 15933/6/2022

    Zakaat on gold - No Income
    As salaam alaikum Mufti Saab, My mother has around 20 Tola gold Jwellery and she gets pension of $300/Month. She uses her $300 to pay her health insurance and lives with us. I wanted to know if its farz for her to pay Zakat on her 20 Tola...
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    ZakahQue.ID 15843/1/2022

    Asking for zakat money from rick friends to help poor people
    Salam, I have few wealthly friends in USA and i want to know if it is okay to ask them for finanical help from their zakat money to give to the poor people in India (i know a lot of people in my homwtown in India who would benefit from zakat...
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    ZakahQue.ID 14801/24/2022

    Sadaqah nazar (manat)
    Asalamualaikum.My husband and I had made a manat to donate some amount of money for a purpose. When that purpose was fulfilled due to the Mercy of Allah we started to donate that amount. Mostly we went to websites of Masjids and selected Sadaqah...
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    ZakahQue.ID 14751/23/2022

    Use of Zakat funds
    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh I am on the board of a local Muslim charity. Very soon, the directors are meeting to discuss whether zakat contributions can be used for campaigning activity that may benefit Muslims. For example, one...
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    ZakahQue.ID 137410/25/2021

    Zakat or RESP Account
    Assalam u Alaikum, I started an RESP accont for my daugter in Dec 2006. This account is dedicated to my daughter and she is the one who can collect this money when she will start gong to University. Money reached to Nisab (On Silver) in almost 7...
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    ZakahQue.ID 136210/25/2021

    Zakaat on Money
    Hi, I wanted some understanding on giving zakaat based on the money you have. So below is an example of a scenario and i would like to know rough approoximate of how much zakaat we should give. 1st Scenario 10k in bank + 15k in stocks and 15k...