Thursday | 18 April 2024 | 9 Shawaal 1445

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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 182711/8/2023

    Divorce settlement
    Asslam alaikum, My questions is in regards to distribution of wealth during a divorce. Im asking this questions on behalf of a sister who is joint owner with her husband on their primary residence as well as a company that owns several rental...
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    Zabiha and HuntingQue.ID 18218/30/2023

    Zabiha Halal
    As salaam Alikum, When we travel outside of the United States and it comes to zabiha halal food and we receive a recommendation from a local masjid in the respective country to an organization who certiies halal food, is an individual required to...
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    Marriage and DivorceQue.ID 18208/30/2023

    Nikkah while pregnant
    To, Whom it May Concern, I would like a confirmation that a couple who are living together outside wedlock can marry (Nikkah) while the woman is 5 months pregnant with the same person's baby.your urgent response will be highly...
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    LifestyleQue.ID 18198/30/2023

    [Time sensitive] Modesty & HIjab Question
    As-salamu alaykum, I am a 22-year-old who has worn the physical hijab since I reached puberty at 12 years old. I live in a household with my older sister, her husband, and our mother. I do not have to wear the hijab at home in the presence of my...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 18188/30/2023

    Teaching Question
    Assalamualaikum, I am a teacher in a CPS school. I wanted to know if it is permissible to make teaching videos on YouTube for teaching math, science etc, that only use my hand and my voice. I am a female so I don't know if this would then be not...
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    PrayerQue.ID 18178/30/2023

    Praying in train.
    assalamu alaikum, I work as a train driver and work mostly in the evenings. It happens that I miss the Maghrib prayer. The cabin I work in is not that clean and is narrow i cant use prayer mat there. My question is, Can I sit or stand besides my...
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 18168/30/2023

    Aslm Can you please tell me what was the Islamic year of the hijrah of the Prophet (pbuh)? I know that it took place on 12 Rabu'-ul-awwal but I do not find anywhere the year this happens. It is said that it was the year 622 according to gregorian...
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 18017/27/2023

    Quran Application with Transliteration
    As salaam alaikum, can you suggest me genuine Quran application with transliteration.
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 18007/27/2023

    Are monkfish halal to eat?
    السلام عليكم Ramadhan Mubarak! I pray you are in good health. My question is, are monkfish halal to eat?
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 17997/27/2023

    Leather Khuffs Halal Certification
    Assalam O'Alaikum Brother/Sister, My name is Bader and I am a resident in Texas although I have lived 33 years in Chicago. As a new entrepreneur I am about to launch a Islamic Products website and will start by selling 100% Cow and Goat leather...