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Question: Divorce

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Name: Marriage and Divorce


asalaamualikum.  I'm writing just to get a clarification on where my nikkah stands with my husband. We have been arguing for a few months now and family got involved. Since then, things have been not too good between us. His brother wouldn't even let me communicate with my husband and our distance grew. I discussed to do marriage counseling but he refused at the time because of our heated argument. 

We separated for 3 months since June 2021. He sent me legal separation documents a few weeks ago which I have yet to sign. I went to his house to get my belongings on Monday September 13. There, after a heated argument with his dad, his dad told him to relieve me from the marriage and divorce me 3 times.

So, my husband said he divorced me 3 times in front of our witnesses in that one setting. This was his first time ever saying that. We both never really had the chance to talk things through because family was involved. Does this count as 1 divorce pronouncement or is our nikkah islamically over?


بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

The correct ruling can only be given after thorough review of the legal separation documents that your husband had prepared.

However, briefly stating; if your husband had not divorced you through the legal documents, then all three divorces given to you by your husband during your altercation with his father, have been confirmed upon you, your marriage has terminated, and you both have now become stranger to each other. According to “Shari’ah” rules it is also haraam for both of you to engage in marital relationship.

عن عویمر بن أشقر العجلاني في حدیث طویل - فقال رسول اللّٰہ صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وسلم: أریت رجلا وجد مع امرأتہ رجلا أیقتلہ - فتقتلونہ أم کیف یفعل؟ فقال رسول اللّٰہ صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وسلم: قد أنزل اللّٰہ فیک وفي صاحبتک فاذہب فأت بہا، قال سہل: فتلاعنا  وأنا مع الناس عند رسول اللّٰہ صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وسلم فلما فرغا قال عویمر: کذبت علیہا یا رسول اللّٰہ إن أمسکتہا، فطلقہا ثلاثا قبل أن یأمرہ رسول اللّٰہ صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وسلم۔ (صحیح البخاري ۲؍۷۹۱ رقم: ۵۲۵۹، ۵۳۰۸، صحیح مسلم ۱؍۴۸۹ رقم: ۱۴۹۲)

ومنہا: عن سہل بن سعد في ہٰذا الحدیث قال: فطلقہا ثلاث تطلیقات عند رسول اللّٰہ صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وسلم فأنفذہ رسول اللّٰہ۔ (سنن أبي داؤد ۱؍۳۰۶رقم: ۲۲۵۰)

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب

Answered On: Friday, Jan 14, 2022 | N/A

Answered By: Mufti Mohammed Ataur Rahman Sajid

Checked By: Mufti Mohammed Navalur Rahman