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Question: Discount on Full price payment for an Apartment / Office / Shop

ID: 1747

Name: Dealings and Transactions


Question ID: 608

Asalam Alikeym,

The above question ID has a scenario that applies to the question I am about to ask, but I just wanted to get clarity on this issue.

Scenario : 
A Builder needs money to construct a mall. There are two options for investors to buy an apartment / shop in this mall. They can go for any of these 3 options. 

a) Pay a smaller downpayment of 30% and then pay monthly installment payments in 3 years to complete the full payment.

b) They can pay the full amount at the start and get a monthly rent/discount till the building is completed.

c) They pay full amount at the start and get a 10% discount on the full amount.

Now Question 608 did address the issue that rent can not be collected until the building is completed.

If getting a discount on the full amount payment is permissable, then will it also be permisaable to get a discount / money back after the building is completed.

I have already payed the full amount and am getting monthly rental money from the developer.

Is it permissable for me to inform the developer to not pay me anything until the building is completed and then after it is completed to pay me the monthly amount as a one time discount.

I am asking for advice on what I should do already in this situation.



بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم

:الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

The ten percent (10%) discount you are getting for paying the full amount initially, is legitimate and valid. But it is not permissible to take monthly rent from the developer until the building is completed.

Since the deal has already been signed, it is not permissible to withhold rent now and collect it later. This deal in fact is already unsound and corrupt. Therefore, the solution is to firstly; end this contract altogether, and the parties withdraw the payments they have already made.Then write a new contract with the 10% discount and add a clause to include a further discount equivalent to the rental amount. 

But if the project has now been completed and has been handed over to the investors, which cannot now be annulled, then the rent which was received from the developer during the completion phase of the project must be returned. 

قال اللہ تعالیٰ : احل البیع وحرم الربوا۔(القران)

وکل شرط لا یقتضیہ العقد وفیہ منفعۃ لأحد المتعاقدین أو لمعقود علیہ وہو من أہل الاستحقاق یفسدہ۔ (ہدایۃ، باب البیع الفاسد، ۳/ ۵۹)

ولا بیع بشرط یعنی الأصل الجامع في فساد العقد بسبب شرط لا یقتضیہ العقد ولا یلائمہ وفیہ نفع لأحدہما أو لمبیع ہو من أہل الاستحقاق۔ (درمختار مع الشامي، کتاب البیوع، باب البیع الفاسد، ۷/ ۲۸۱-۲۸۲)

ولو کان البیع بشرط لا یقتضیہ العقد وفیہ نفع لأحد المتعاقدین أي البائع والمشتري أو لمبیع یستحق النفع بأن یکون آدمیا فہو أي ہذا البیع فاسد لما فیہ من زیادۃ عن عوض فیکون ربا، وکل عقد شرط فیہ الربا یکون فاسدا۔ (مجمع الأنہر، باب البیع الفاسد، بیروت ۳/ ۹۰-۹۱)

ومن الشروط الفاسدۃ التي تفسد العقد: کل شرط لا یقتضیہ العقد، وفیہ منفعۃ للبائع -إلی قولہ- فالبیع في کل ہذہ الصور فاسد؛ لأن زیادۃ المنفعۃ المشروطۃ في البیع تکون ربا؛ لأنہا زیادۃ لا یقابلہا عوض في عقد البیع، والبیع الذي فیہ ربا فاسد، وکذا ما فیہ شہبۃ الربا، فإنہا مفسدۃ لبیع۔ (الموسوعۃ الفقہیۃ الکویتیۃ ۹/ ۱۰۲)

 والبیوع الفاسدۃ فکلہا من الربوا فیجب رد عین الربا لو قائما لا رد ضمانہ؛ لأنہ یملکہ بالقبض۔ (الدرالمنتقی علی مجمع الأنہر ۳/ ۱۱۹)

الأجرۃ ھی ما یلتزمہ بہ المستاجر عوضا عن المنفعۃ التی یتملکھا، الموسوعۃ الفقھیہ (کتاب النوازل: ۱۲؍۳۰۱)

 فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب

Answered On: Sunday, Jun 25, 2023 | N/A

Answered By: Mufti Mohammed Ataur Rahman Sajid

Checked By: Mufti Mohammed Navalur Rahman