Halal Monitoring Services (HMS)

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Introduction to Halal Monitoring Services (HMS)

Halal Monitoring Services (HMS) represents a pivotal initiative under the auspices of the Shariah Board of America, specifically orchestrated by the Shar’i Zabiha Committee. This dedicated service has been established to uphold the integrity and accessibility of hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat across a broad geographic expanse. With over 25 years of diligent service, the committee has significantly contributed to the certification, monitoring, and facilitation of Halal meat, ensuring its compliance with Islamic laws and principles.

The Inception of HMS and Its Mission

The establishment of Halal Monitoring Services marks a significant milestone in the efforts to enhance and expand the Halal meat supply chain throughout the United States. The mission of HMS is twofold:

Raising Awareness:

HMS is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the significance of consuming Halal meat. This educational endeavor aims to enlighten both Muslim and non-Muslim communities about the ethical, spiritual, and health aspects of Halal consumption.

Supporting Muslim Businesses:

Another key objective is to assist Muslim businesses in acquiring certified and monitored hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat. By facilitating access to compliant meat products, HMS plays a crucial role in supporting the economic and spiritual well-being of the Muslim community.

Objectives and Achievements

The foundational goals and accomplishments of the Halal Monitoring Services are multifaceted and deeply rooted in Islamic dietary laws. These include:

Certification and Monitoring

HMS is committed to certifying and monitoring hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat. This rigorous process ensures that all meat products meet the highest standards of Halal compliance, from the moment of slaughter to the point of sale.

Expanding the Halal Network

A significant achievement has been the establishment of a vast network of certified slaughterhouses, grocery stores, and restaurants. As of December 2022, this network extends across several cities in 23 states within the US and has also reached into Canada, showcasing a substantial footprint in North America.

Accessibility of Zabiha Halal Meat

One of the core missions of HMS is to make hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat widely accessible. By doing so, HMS ensures that Muslims across America can easily obtain meat that is lawful and pure, fulfilling their dietary needs in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Cost-Free Services

Remarkably, all services provided by HMS, from certification to monitoring, are offered free of charge. This underscores the commitment of the Shariah Board of America to serve the Muslim community and support Halal businesses without imposing financial burdens.

Enhancing Outreach through HMS's Digital Platform

In its commitment to expand and enhance the accessibility of hand-slaughtered Zabiha Halal meat, Halal Monitoring Services (HMS) proudly announces the launch of its dedicated website, www.HMSUSA.org. This website serves as a central hub for all matters related to Halal certification and monitoring, reflecting HMS’s dedication to transparency, education, and support for the Muslim community and Halal businesses across North America.

Certified Listings and HMS Digital Resources

The HMS website, alongside the established platforms of the Shariah Board of America (www.shariahboard.org and www.sbny.org), offers an extensive list of certified and monitored businesses. This comprehensive directory, which can be directly accessed at www.shariahboard.org/certified-listings, provides invaluable information to consumers seeking authentic Halal products. The listings include a wide array of certified slaughterhouses, grocery stores, and restaurants, meticulously verified to ensure compliance with the highest standards of Halal certification.

The HMS Logo: A Symbol of Trust and Compliance

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity of Halal products, all future certificates issued to our certified locations will proudly bear the new HMS logo. This emblem is not just a mark of certification but a symbol of the trust and reliability that HMS brings to the Halal meat industry. It signifies our unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of Halal, serving as a beacon of authenticity for consumers and businesses alike.


Halal Monitoring Services embodies the Shariah Board of America’s unwavering dedication to ensuring the availability of genuine Halal meat across North America. Through its comprehensive certification and monitoring processes, HMS not only safeguards Islamic dietary laws but also supports the Muslim community’s ability to maintain a Halal lifestyle effortlessly. This initiative reflects a significant advancement in the promotion and accessibility of Halal products, reinforcing the importance of consuming Halal as a fundamental aspect of Islamic faith and practice.

The launch of www.HMSUSA.org marks a significant milestone in HMS’s mission to make Zabiha Halal meat easily accessible and to raise awareness about the importance of Halal consumption. By providing a reliable digital platform for certification and monitoring information, along with a detailed directory of certified businesses, HMS is setting new standards in the promotion and accessibility of Halal products. This initiative underscores our dedication to supporting the Muslim community’s dietary needs and enhancing the economic and spiritual well-being of Halal businesses across North America.