How to get Certified?

Introduction to Shar'i Zabiha Certification

Shar’i Halal Zabiha Certification represents a rigorous and thorough process designed to ensure that the slaughtering of animals and birds adheres strictly to Islamic Shariah laws. This certification process involves a detailed evaluation and confirmation, through both investigation and inspection, that the Halal animal or bird meets all the Shar’ee requirements for Islamic slaughter, known as Zabiha. Administered by The Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation’s Halal Zabiha Committee, this certification serves as an independent assurance that the Zabiha process complies with the highest standards of Shariah.

The Certification Process

1. Application Procedure

The certification journey begins with an application that provides a comprehensive overview of the applicant’s company and operations. This detailed information allows the Halal Zabiha Committee to process the application efficiently and effectively. Following a preliminary review, an initial inspection of the premises is scheduled, accommodating both the committee’s and the applicant’s availability. This stage involves the provision of extensive details, including a list of ingredients, sources of supplies, and descriptions of production processes, ensuring a thorough understanding of the applicant’s compliance capabilities.

2. Initial Inspection and Evaluation

A senior field representative conducts the initial inspection, evaluating the facility’s adherence to Shar’ee Zabiha requirements. The findings are then reviewed by the Halal Zabiha Committee, which decides on the approval based on Shariah compliance. This step is critical in establishing the foundation for a trustworthy and reliable certification process.

3. Agreement and Compliance

Upon a satisfactory evaluation, an agreement is drafted, outlining the terms and conditions to which the applicant must adhere. This agreement includes both standard and special clauses tailored to the specific needs of the Zabiha certification program, ensuring a clear understanding of the obligations and expectations.

Certification Issuance and Ongoing Monitoring

Once the applicant successfully meets the Shar’ee requirements of Zabiha, as verified by scholarly investigation, the Halal Zabiha Certificate is issued, allowing Zabiha production to commence. To maintain certification, the company undergoes periodic inspections by a designated Zabiha compliance inspector from the Halal Zabiha Committee. These inspections are crucial for ensuring ongoing compliance with the agreed terms, thereby upholding the integrity of the Shar’i Zabiha certification.


Shar’i Zabiha Certification is an essential service provided by The Shariah Board of America’s Halal Zabiha Committee, ensuring that Muslim consumers have access to meat that is Halal and compliant with Islamic law. Through a meticulous application, inspection, and evaluation process, this certification establishes a framework of trust and compliance, reinforcing the significance of adhering to Shariah principles in the production of Halal meat. The commitment to ongoing inspections and adherence to strict standards underscores the dedication to maintaining the purity and sanctity of Halal products in the marketplace.

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