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We offer counseling in the following areas:

  • Inheritance
  • Business
  • Family

Special focus on Marriage Counseling: Marriage is a great gift from Allah. Both husband and wife should treasure it. In order to live a pleasant and blissful life and to achieve the aims of marriage, it is essential for the husband and wife to be aware of each other’s rights, and to fulfill them. 

A team of some of the most learned and experienced Ulama-e-Kiram provide advice to couples in conflict, on how to achieve peace and harmony in the married life, and how to create and strengthen strong, loving and compassionate bonds that will help them to lead a successful family life in accordance with the Quran & Sunnah. This counseling is done in a private manner and all information is treated with confidentiality. 
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Darul-Qadha provides the following services:

  • Solemnization of Nikah (Marriage)
  • Resolution and Adjustment of Conflicts and helping in disputes related to business partnerships and various other issues posing challenges to the community
  • Shara’ee Arbitration and Counseling with regards to Family Matters such as Marriage, Parenting, Talaaq (Divorce), Khula' and Faskhun-Nikaah (Separation)

Note: Disputes are solved amicably. Not only are the disputes resolved and arbitrated in the light of the Qur’an & Sunnah, rather efforts are made to encourage both parties to forgive and forgo each other and to awaken the feelings of brother-hood, mutual love and affection between the two. Fair and transparent Islamic arbitration have Alhumdulillah succeeded in attracting the faith and the confidence of the Muslim Ummah.