Monday | 04 March 2024 | 23 Shabaan 1445

Halāl Zabīha

In the life of a human being, food and all the edible items are immensely important as they play a vital role in the development of human instincts and good manners. It is for this reason, Islam has adopted a very lofty and pious standard of processing food including meat. Islam has considered it appropriate that the food intake of the human being should be Islamically acceptable (Pakeezah), clean, and Islamically pure (Tayyib). Through the consumption of such certified foods, physical and spiritual piety should increase exponentially.

Islam has prescribed special instructions in respect to foods and edibles and in particular the meat from animals. This is to ensure that the growth resulting from the consumption of meat is guaranteed for the health of the body, safety of the nature of human beings, and protection of the soul and good manners.

Alhumdulillah, Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation provides the Muslim community with substantial information concerning slaughtered meat which is available for consumption; our experts in the Islamic and academic fields monitor and determine which meat supplied in the market meets the criteria of Zabiha Halal. Many manufacturers, suppliers and retailers have been certified accordingly. InshaAllah it is hoped that these efforts will allow Muslims to identify and consume only Zabiha Halal food.