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Sunnat and Bid'at in Duaas

I have question regarding dua in gatherings. Since my young age , in my community I was ask to make dua in gatherings like after some one death or after dars gathering and I used to do it . Since than As I grew up old , I had lot of azmayish in my life since last 20 years. All I learned and used to do is after prayers make dua to Allah SWT. Somehow my friends and people of my community loved me because of my duas that I do when ever we gather at any Zikr gathering . Now a days since we all are going through this difficult time when we are not seeing each other, my friends ask me to make dua on Zoom and they arranged it to gather all and ask me to make dua . Since Ramadan, every Friday after salah we log in to Zoom and first one of my friend do hamd than I read few Hadith or ayats from quran with meaning than we make dua for everyone , especially ones who are dick and going through difficult times . One of my nephew sent me advice that what I am doing is wrong and it's not part of make me concern . All my life , in my hard times and most difficult times dua to me is like a connection to Allah SWT . I talk to Allah SWT and it always give me strength to get up and start all over again. Otherwise I would have been in deep depression . Salah, Zikr, dua is like the most beautiful naimat to me that keeps me going. I siwaye ask Allah SWT not to make me among people of ریاءکار۔ . My friends tell me that when ever we listen to your dua it feels like giving words to their duas in their heart. That's why I never say no to my friends and family. Please advice me 


الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

Although congregational supplications are proven to have been practiced in the past, but nowadays, collective social practices are not devoid of innovations.

We are not aware of the details of collective supplications stated in your question, it is therefore recommended that supplications and “zikr and azkar” be done individually.

It is better for a woman to worship alone instead of in an assembly or gathering.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب