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Marriage During Safar and Muharram

Assalamu Alaikum,

Islamically is there any time during the months of Safar and Muharram to avoid getting married?

my sister is planning to get married but was told to avoid these months. 

is 10/10/20 a date that would be an issue?

is there a preferred day of the week Islamically to get married like Friday? please guide us.

JazakAllahu Khairun

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

  1. The month of Moharram Al-Haram is the month of Blessings and Happiness.

Full name of the month of Safar is “Safar Al-Modhaffar” which means success.

Based on above, the names indicate success and happiness, but our culture and society has labeled these two blessed months as inauspicious and unlucky. They declare these two months for grief and sorrow, hence they refrain from conducting “nikah” or other events and ceremonies.

This is a highly ignorant, pagan and un-Islamic belief which has no basis in Islam.

Therefore it is absolutely legal to execute “nikah” on any day of these blessed months. But under this distorted beliefs, it would be more virtuous to conduct “nikah” during these months to negate those corrupt beliefs.    

It is an established fact that Sahabah (RA) and the Tabe’een (RA) did  perform their “nikahs” during these months.

For example; it is written in the books of Islamic history that the “nikah” of Hazrat Fatimah (RA) and that of Hazrat Zainab (RA) were performed during these months.

  1. There is no objection to conduct “nikah” on your mentioned dates.
  2. “Nikah” can be performed on any day of the month but religious scholars have preferred Friday for such important occasions.


إنَّ عِدَّةَ الشُّهُوْرِ عِنْدَ اللهِ اثْنَا عَشَرَ شَهْرًا فِيْ كِتَابِ اللهِ يَوْمَ خَلَقَ السَّمٰوَاتِ وَالاَرْضَ مِنْهَا اَرْبَعَةٌ حُرُمٌ ذٰلِكَ الدِّيْنُ الْقَيِّمُ۔ (التوبة:۳۶)

أَبَا هُرَيْرَةَ، يَقُولُ: قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ: «لاَ عَدْوَى وَلاَ طِيَرَةَ، وَلاَ هَامَةَ وَلاَ صَفَرَ، وَفِرَّ مِنَ المَجْذُومِ كَمَا تَفِرُّ مِنَ الأَسَدِ» (کتاب الطب،۵۷۰۷)

ویندب إعلانہ وتقدیم خطبتہ، وکونہ في مسجد یوم جمعۃ بعاقد رشید وشہود عدول۔ (الدر المختار ۴؍۶۶-۶۷ زکریا)

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب