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Knowledge Questions Maslak Al-Shaf'ai
Asalamalikum Sheikh,
I’m a shafai imam follower. I have few Questions.
1)      At what time fajar namaz Qaza time starts or at what time fajar namaz time ends in morning?
2)      Correct me if I’m wrong, the procedure for sajda e sahw by shafai imam is, in last rakath after tashahud and then direct salam without reciting durud and any dua.
So the Question is what if I make a mistake in sajd e sahw, most of the time I get doubts that whether I did 2 sajda or 1 of sajda e sahw or did I recited sajda e sahw tasbeeh 2, 3, 4 times. Basically if I make any mistake in sajda e sahw do I need to repeat the namaz?
3)      What is the correct tasbeeh for sajda e sahw by shafai imam
a)      Subhana MANNLA yanamu wal yashu
b)      Subhana MAALA yanamu wal yashu
c)       Subhana rabiyal aala wabi hamdihi
4)      Can I make wadu on socks if I made wadu before wearing it? Means just I need to do masa 3 times
5)      I read Ayatal kursi,last aayat of suratul Baqra, last 3 khul and do some zikr before going to sleep, can I do this after isha prayer in masjid and when sleeping just make dua and sleep.

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

1- The time for fajr salah starts at the beginning of Subh-Sadiq(true dawn) and ends at the sunrise.

2- The method you have described to perform sajda sahw in your question is correct according to maslak al-Hanafi, according to maslak al-Shaf‘ai sajda sahw is before performing salam. By reading additional (or less number of) tasbih, sajda-sahw does not become wajib, however the number of sujud should be two.

3- C is the correct tasbih.

4- Yes, if one has wudhu already, during performing a fresh wudhu one can perform masah over the socks.

5- Yes, you can perform those actions as mentioned in your question. 

واللہ اعلم بالصواب