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Animal Rights

Since i am a muslim, and in our religon it is thought that if we give charity in  any form or way, it makes the clamities that come upon us go away. Also our religon says that if we want to make the sicknesses, that ruin your body, go away then we should give meat in charity since our body is made up of mostly meat. The reason i threw the meat in the water was so the fish and underwater creatures could eat the meat and pray for me to god, and so i can get the reward, which can make me cure from the sicknesses.

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

Respected Brother in Islam,

As-Salam ‘Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh,

Islam has brought to the humanity, the true message of love, and has guaranteed bounties which are not only limited to human beings but provided to other creatures of Allāh Subhanahu wa Ta’ala as well, such as animals and plants. The teachings of Islam motivate us to have mercy and love for animals and treat them in a humane way.

Pre-Islamic era is full of examples of brutality to animals, where acts of animal mutilation and inhumane torturous killings were performed. Upon the death of a person, their animal was tied to their graves, left without food or water to die by starvation and dehydration.

In such times of despair, Prophet of Allāh sbrought the teachings of Islam and made such acts impermissible, and introduced the teachings around how (Halal) animals should be (humanely) slaughtered, upon need.

 It is reported in a Hadīth of Prophet of Allāhsthat:

“Allāh has made “kindness” an obligation, and has asked to slaughter (Halal) animals in a humane way (by using knives which are sharpened properly), in order to provide ease to the animal”. (Sahih Muslim, Kitabus Sa‘id Wal Zib‘aih Babul Ehsan al Zibah Wal Qatl)

A companion of the Prophet of Allāh ssaid to him that I feel clemency whenever I slaughter a goat, the Prophet of Allāh ssaid: “If you feel that way, Allāh would have mercy on you.”(Nisai # 674)

The essence of the above narrations is that, it is impermissible to harm birds and animals. In addition to that, Prophet of Allāh shas declared it as a sin to hurt animals and act inhumanely with them, (which was not considered a sin in pre-Islamic era).

It is narrated in a Hadīth, that:

During a journey Prophet of Allāh sand His companions had to camp out at a certain location, where in order to start cooking food, one of His companions lit a fire near an ant nest opening. The Prophet of Allāh sasked the companion to put out the fire right away. (Musnad Ahmed, Volume1 Page 296, Abdullah Ibn Masood Radhiallāhu Anhu)

In the pre-Islamic era it was also not evident that, just as it is an act of righteousness to treat a human being with respect and humanity, it is also an act of upright righteousness to treat animals in the most humane way possible, which was echoed again and again by the pious teachings of Prophet of Allāh s.

It is narrated in a Hadīth, that:

A companion of the Prophet of Allāh sinquired him if Allāh swill reward him, if stranded camels drink water from the fountain he has created for his own camels”, the Prophet of Allāh ssaid “If you quench one’s thirst by providing them water, or treat any living organism with kindness, Allāh will reward you.” (Sunan Abi Da’ud)

Not only that, Islam has motivated us to take care of plants and has signified it as a good deed. A person who plants a tree or plants a farm, which further benefits birds and cattle, is considered as Sadaqah i.e. an act of virtue. (Sahih Al-Bukhārī)

Hence it is considered as a special act of morality, virtue, righteousness and a deed which would be well rewarded by Allāh, to provide means of food, nourishment and comfort to animals.

As inquired in the question about feeding fish by throwing meat in to the water (of a pond/river/lake etc.) as an act of Sadaqah, it is permissible in Islam as mentioned in Ahadith of the Prophet of Allāh through which calamities are taken away. However one should first review, understand and respect the laws of the country they are living in, and follow and abide by the rules and regulations of the government of that country. Therefore one should strictly refrain from taking any action which might go against the law of the country. 

And Allāh knows best.